Eco Driver

SECCCA’s Eco Driver program is designed to build the capacity of participating Councils to reduce emissions and save money through more efficient, safer vehicle management.

This is achieved by addressing a number of objectives:

  • The delivery of a customised training program for council staff
  • Consequent reduction in council fuel consumption and expenditure of approximately 10% after three years
  • Provision of access to high quality training materials and evaluation and monitoring resources for regional stakeholders

Councils typically have fuel bills each year close to $600K. If a conservative 5-10% reduction was achieved across these fleets, councils could potentially capture $30,000 – $60,000 in annual fuel savings (additional to savings on vehicle wear and tear). This represents a 150-300 tonne reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per year.

Aims & Desired Outcomes

Safer and less stressed Drivers
Less trips to the bowser
Reduce Green House Gas Emissions
Less wear and tear on the vehicle

SECCCA’s EcoDriver Project won the award for Environmental Excellence at the 2014 Australian Supply Chain and Logistics Awards, held in late November. Congratulations to all involved.

One of our participating councils has reported that in the four months since training was provided, they have already saved over $23,000!

Contact SECCCA for further details and to see how you can start to save with this program.


Eco Driver

Start 2013   Finish 2017


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