Regional Community Climate Change Action Plan

In March 2020, seven SECCCA Councils agreed to collaborate with Ironbark Sustainability on an evidence-based Community Action Planning project. This project will deliver a realistic plan for achieving the required annual reductions in emissions within the necessary timeframe.

Early results indicate communities within each participating council area need to reduce emissions by 660 kt CO2-e (3.9%) per year until 2050.

The scale of reductions required can seem exceptionally high. For this reason, it’s important for councils to carefully consider how best to leverage resources.

Councils acknowledge that most often, direct action by a council will not be the most efficient way to reduce emissions. Instead there are a number of ways that councils can engage and work with stakeholders and other levels of government to facilitate the required emissions reductions.

For more information on the projects and the types of interventions the project will consider please download the project information.


Regional Community Climate Change Action Plan

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