Save it for the Game

Save it for the Game will develop a framework and provide support and collaborate with facility owners, clubs and their users to deliver a behavior change program and actions through information provision to improve energy efficiency. A range of engaging marketing initiatives will support the program tailored to the interests and approaches typically effective within the sporting community. Various participation and information points will be developed to cater for the various interests levels and learning pathways of facility users. Over the course of the program 45 facilities will undergo audits to identify the opportunities to improve energy efficiency and 90 clubs will participate in pilot behavior change program and actions.

Sporting clubs are busy places often owned by council and leased to multiple clubs through out the year. The cricket club may use a facility during summer and the football club during winter, likewise the hockey and soccer teams might share facilities during different seasons. With home and away games each week the users of facilities change constantly and those that manage the clubs are generally community volunteers who are time poor. Given the change in use and users the project will identify through an extensive audit of a facility and its uses the opportunities and products recommended for permanent energy efficiency improvements.

Aims & Desired Outcomes

Improve energy efficiency
Audit a facility
Create behaviour change program

This information will enable clubs and councils to make informed decisions to improve the energy efficiency of the facilities through retrofitting as required when funds become available or immediately. As improving energy efficiency can be achieved by changing behavior and simple actions the audit information will then be used to create a targeted behavior change program for the various users of facilities.

The range of information products will vary from facility to facility and club to club and deciding the specific approaches will form part of the project development phase in consultation with all stakeholders. This may include fact sheets, video and sound recordings, web tools, seminar and workshop materials. Activities to disseminate products may include websites, site visits, training, professional development, branding, benchmarking or incentives.

A combination or selection of these approaches will create various participation points to cater for different learning pathways and interest levels from clubs and their users. This multi pronged approach will enable the effectivity of various approaches to be measured and a tool box of selectable approaches for new clubs to join the program in the future. For further information please download the following one pager.


Save it for the Game

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