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Asset Vulnerability Assessment

Councils have various levels of understanding about how climate change will impact assets and service delivery, particularly on roads, buildings and drainage. To facilitate strategic asset management and prudent financial planning for Councils and ensure appropriate planning and maintenance of assets into the future, this information needs to be gathered.

The Asset Vulnerability Assessment project will use or develop any required tools to support councils demonstrate how council buildings, drainage and local road assets will be impacted by various climate scenarios. This will include attributing a vulnerability rating to these assets and identifying adaptation actions that may increase asset resilience.

The project will further examine how climate change will impact expenditure and income on council assets through calculating the cost of mitigation actions, the cost of inaction (ie expectations of higher insurance premiums and maintenance and repair costs) identifying how service delivery may have to change to adapt to future climate extremes and how income generating actions may be impacted (eg leasing of premises, rates reduction in line with property values).  This information will assist with appropriate budget forecasting to ensure ongoing delivery of services to the community.

Building on this project SECCCA has secured additional funding under the Victorian government Adaptation Planning Strategy. The project will build local government capacity by documenting and sharing the processes and approaches developed during the delivery of “SECCCA’s Asset Vulnerability Assessment Project”, forming a council toolkit. This end product will be a guide to assist other Victorian council’s undertake the process themselves.

PROJECT: Asset Vulnerability Assessment

START / FINISH: 2020/2021