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Asset Vulnerability Assessment

Councils have various levels of understanding about how climate change will impact assets and service delivery, such as on roads, buildings and drainage. To facilitate strategic asset management, maintenance and prudent financial planning, councils should consider the impacts of climate change on assets.

The Asset Vulnerability Assessment Project developed tools and approaches to support SECCCA councils understand how council buildings, drainage and local road assets will be impacted by various climate scenarios. This includes attributing a vulnerability rating to assets and identifying adaptation options that may increase asset resilience.

The project examined how climate change impacted expenditure on council assets through calculating the financial and economic cost of various adaptation options on several site-specific case studies. This information will assist with appropriate budget forecasting to ensure ongoing delivery of services to the community.

Building on this project SECCCA secured additional funding under the Victorian Government’s Supporting our Regions to Adapt program. This funding was used to build capacity by delivering a Climate Vulnerability Guide to assist other councils undertake the same approaches themselves.

Download Reports:

1. Climate Vulnerability Guide

2. SECCCA AVA Findings Report

3. SECCCA AVA Methods Report

4. SECCCA Worked Examples Report 

Case Studies:

1. Case Studies Overview
2. Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Centre Case Study
3. Mitigating Flood Damages Case Study
4. Protecting Foreshore Precinct Infrastructure Case Study

Video Launch:

Watch the video launch of the SECCCA Asset Vulnerability Guide.

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PROJECT: Asset Vulnerability Assessment

START / FINISH: 2020/2021