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Building Business Resilience

Small to medium businesses, like all segments of the community,
are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change in many ways. These could be
direct, such as from fire or flood or indirect through the impact on supply
chains. Businesses have varying levels of preparedness in relation to climate
change, with little prioritising climate change impacts. Many require support
and capacity building around the transition to clean energy and energy
efficiency. A simple process can help them understand and plan for such events.

SECCCA has recently undertaken a climate change impact
assessment of its entire region. Building on this work, SECCCA is able to
provide information to businesses that demonstrate their exposure to climate
extremes and how they can respond to improve resilience.

This project is about developing resources for the business sector
to help businesses conduct climate risk assessment, mitigation and planning. The
project will produce a final report intended to be an easy-to-understand
adaptation implementation guide for use by other businesses more broadly. It
will also produce 4-5 ‘one-pager’ case studies with climate change risk
assessment and adaptation plans for each business involved.

The project is being funded by the Department of Environment,
Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) as part of the Regional Climate Change
Adaptation Strategy for Greater Melbourne.

PROJECT: Building Business Resilience

START/FINISH: 2022 / June 2023

FUNDER/GRANT: Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP)