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Energy Saver Study

ESS Background


The Energy Saver Study was an initiative of the South East Councils Climate Change Alliance (SECCCA).

The purpose of the study was to:

  • Identify effective strategies and ways to overcome barriers that may prevent householders across six south-east Melbourne local council areas from improving their energy efficiency, such as: little or no access to funding to improve their homes, access to information, energy awareness, the security of tenants’ leases
  • Trial and evaluate different approaches to assisting low-income households in becoming more energy efficient
  • Identify how these interventions (supporting householder with home improvements and/or to adopt new actions) impact on householders’ energy use, costs, comfort, health and well-being
  • Enable householders to better manage their energy use
  • Capture and analyse data and information to inform future energy efficiency policy and program approaches
  • Trial delivering an energy efficiency program to householders through local government Home and Community Care (HACC) Services
  • Test if this delivery partnership is effective


    • Assist low-income households to help manage the impacts of increasing energy prices and improve the health, social welfare and livelihood of low-income households.
    • Build the knowledge and capacity of consortium members to encourage long-term energy efficiency among their customers or clients.
  • Build capacity of Australia’s energy efficiency technology and equipment companies by maximising the opportunities for Australian industries to participate in the projects.

Aims & Desired Outcomes

Study Funding

This activity received $4.4 million funding from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, with an additional $1.5 million of in-kind contributions from study partners. This study was one of 20 Low Income Energy Efficiency Program (LIEEP) projects. For more information about LIEEP go to http://industry.gov.au/Energy/Programmes/LowIncomeEnergyEfficiency/Pages/default.aspx

Final Report

The project’s Final Report is available for download below:

SECCCA LIEEP final report executive summary

SECCCA LIEEP final report part 1

SECCCA LIEEP final report part 2

SECCCA LIEEP final report part 3

SECCCA LIEEP final report part 4

Results & Evidence Based Advice

PROJECT: Energy Saver Study

START / FINISH: 2013/ 2016

FUNDER/GRANT: Department of Industry