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Financing Physical Risk Mitigation Infrastructure

In July 2019 the Victorian based South East Council Climate Change Alliance (SECCCA) and the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) codesigned a session at the Victorian Greenhouse Alliances conference. The session discussed the following issues;

  • how climate change is requiring local government to change the way they plan for, and invest in resilient built environments in an era of climate change?
  • how can local government fund and build protection for their own, and privately-owned, assets (physical risk mitigation infrastructure)?
  • how to quantify the financial impacts of climate change for local government?
  • how to make the right investment decisions, and appropriately allocate resources? and,
  • how to access public and private finance to enable investment that is needed?

Building on the outcomes of the workshop, this initiative aims to catalyse actions that create a pathway for local governments to address the physical risks associated with more extreme, and potentially more frequent, natural hazards expected in an era of climate change.

To continue to investigate these pathways SECCCA is now delivering a number of workshops and the presentations from these are below:

28th April Financing Physical Risk Mitigation Infrastructure Workshop

Background Briefing Paper

SECCCA Prebrief Working Paper

Presentation Context

Workshop Recording

Workshop Presentations

SECCCA Prebrief 18th April Workshop presentation

Climate Change and the built environment impacts for SECCCA

Physical Risk Infrastructure local government_CoPP

Climate Adaptation Finance_NAB

Insurance Council of Australia_QIC

PROJECT: Financing Physical Risk Mitigation Infrastructure

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