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People, Property and Places

This is the report of the impacts and adaptations project which delivered an integrated assessment of bio-physical climate change projections and their socio-economic impacts.

The study Impacts of Climate Change on Settlements in the Western Port Region: an Integrated Assessment involved five councils around Western Port with CSIRO applying climate models to the likely sea level rise, storm frequency, temperature changes and other impact that would affect communities. The five councils which provide services to these communities conducted risk analyses to inform how they might provide community care. The first report from the project, People, Property and Places provides detail regarding Climate Change projections and of the communities affected. The second report, Climate Change Risks and Adaptations presented the options available to council in implementing adaptation responses.

CSIRO’s projections on which the reports are based are contained in three source documents:

Western Port Biophysical – General

Western Port Biophysical – Rainfall

Western Port Biophysical – Storm Surge

ABC news reported on the release of these reports in the attached video clip

ABC Climate Change Report

Mornington Penninsula Shire’s response to these projects included one of the most comprehensive community engagement programs conducted by council on climate change. The response is described in the paper: Telling you all we know (2012)

PROJECT: People, Property and Places

START / FINISH: 2010/2013