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Save it for the Game

About the program

‘Save it for the game’ is all about helping sports clubs save on their energy bills in a way that’s fun, achievable and community-led.

It began after the South East Councils Climate Change Alliance (SECCCA) audited the energy use of a host of Victorian sports clubs. They found that sports clubs are struggling financially, and are spending much of their precious financial resources on bills. Clubs should be able to reinvest their funds into the club and get players onto the field… and that’s what ‘save it for the game’ is all about.

Club members largely aren’t aware of the problem and often don’t take initiative with energy saving behaviours. The program is about educating and empowering members to help in dramatically reducing their club’s energy bills.

Aims & Desired Outcomes

What are the saves?

SECCCA reviewed clubs of all shapes and sizes and identified six key saves that every club could benefit from. We have compiled these into six ‘saves’ that will help clubs see significant savings.

Fridges off 

Your fridges and freezers are likely using more energy than needed.

Lights Out

Saves can be made on all lights – field and court lights, internal and perimeter lighting.

Shorter Showers

Shower length and water temperature affect the bills. 

Watch the Weather

Avoiding heating and air con will create huge saves. 


Turn off all appliances at the source.

Use the Sun

Solar panels are a huge help. Can your club utilise solar energy?

How much can your club save?

Clubs that participated in the study saved an average of 26% off their energy bill – that’s $1,870 that could go back into the club. Keep in mind that the potential saves are relative to your current energy expenses. By following our recommendations, clubs which were monitored saved anywhere from $73 to $9,431 a season.

PROJECT: Save it for the Game

START / FINISH: 2013/ Ongoing

FUNDER/GRANT: Department of Industry