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Small Business Energy Saver Program

NOTE: The Small Business Energy Saver Program has finished and SECCCA is no longer advising new businesses about energy efficiency programs. There are still energy upgrade discounts available via the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) Program. The Business Energy Advice Program (BEAP), Solar for Small Business and Energy Compare are other energy saving programs small businesses can access also.

SECCCA is currently facilitating the roll out of the Small Business Energy Saver Program across its nine south-east member councils. This Sustainability Victoria (SV) initiative provides a $2,000 rebate for small businesses to upgrade their outdated appliances to more energy efficient and cost effective products, covering:

– Hot water systems (gas and electric)

– Space heating and cooling

– Refrigerators and upright freezers

– Refrigerator display cabinets

– Water-efficient pre-rinse spray valves

– Energy efficient listed motors and fan motors in refrigerated systems

This program is targeted towards small businesses that have been heavily impacted by COVID-19 operating restrictions, particularly engaging the following industries: hospitality, retail, accommodation, tourism and the arts and entertainment industry. 

The minimum eligibility criteria are:

1. Operating out of a commercial premise

2. Employing 19 or less full-time equivalent (FTE) staff*

*Owner-operators are included under this distinction

Whilst the program provides a short-term economic incentive, these upgrades will improve each business’ climate resilience in addition to providing long-term energy cost reductions. Small business owners can then utilise these savings to invest back into their business.

SECCCA is proud to work with small businesses that are interested in lowering their carbon footprint, opening the program to all member councils: Port Phillip, Bayside, Kingston, Frankston, Dandenong, Mornington Peninsula, Casey, Cardinia and Bass Coast. 

If you are a small business and are interested in the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program, please visit https://www.victorianenergysaver.vic.gov.au/energy-advice-for-business

Solar Victoria rebates: https://www.solar.vic.gov.au/solar-small-business

Energy Compare: https://compare.energy.vic.gov.au/

Business Energy Advice Program (for businesses with 6-20 employees): https://businessenergyadvice.com.au/


The Small Business Energy Saver Program is a great initiative. The SECCCA team did their best to keep up with the changing envelope of the grant and kept up communications at all points. It’s simple, easy and the new heat pump unit is a fantastic upgrade to help keep our business green and reduce costs. Solid trades for the install and overall great experience for a very cheap upgrade.”

– Mornington Green, director 


“Victoria provided great customer service and the entire process was  extremely easy. We are very happy with our new upright fridge and discount we received. would recommend the Small Business Energy Saver Program to other businesses, especially with the help that  SECCCA can provide.  The process was very streamlined with Victoria’s assistance from start  to finish.” 
– Sam (Business Operations Consultant), Overland Group


The process to get our fridge upgrade was very easy overall, we are  happy with our new equipment for no cost. Our Accredited Provider  was very nice and helpful within the program. Victoria did well in referring us to multiple Providers for our own preference and clearly explained how the program works. I also recommended the program to another small business after starting the process with SECCCA.”
Christine (HR Manager), Victorian Ductwork & Sheetmetal

PROJECT: Small Business Energy Saver Program

2021/ JUNE 2022

FUNDER/GRANT: Victorian Government (Sustainability Victoria)