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Sustainable Public Lighting Action Plans

SPLAPS were developed for the 5 SECCCA councils and for the City of Greater Dandenong to show how they could increase the environmental performance of public lighting. This included setting goals for public lighting within council; identification of processes, projects and actions to achieve these goals; preparation of a SPLAP with implementation dates, responsibilities and budget allocation identified.

There are both environmental and economic costs associated with current approaches to providing safe public lighting for communities. Street lighting makes up almost half of a council’s emissions and comes at a large cost to rate-payers. This project looks at developing and implementing a Sustainable Public Lighting Action Plan in each council.

Public lighting is an enormous cost for SECCCA councils and greenhouse gas emissions from public lighting make up 50-70% of Western Port councils total emissions.

A number of measures for reducing energy use and greenhouse emissions in road lighting, while maintaining recommended lighting levels include:

  • Reducing the number of lamps.
  • Reducing the operating hours of lamps.
  • Identification and maintenance programs to address day burners and drift.
  • Changes to the type of energy used.
  • Changes to the type of lamp.
  • Changes to the associated switching equipment.

During 2006-07, SECCCA in partnership with ICLEI-A/NZ and Energy Doctor, with funding from Sustainability Victoria, started the SECCCA Sustainable Public Lighting Project.

Councils across Australia have recognised the major role public lighting can play in reducing local government greenhouse gas emissions. In response to this need, SECCCA have instigated this project to assist local governments identify gaps, plan priority actions, implement, report on, and promote sustainable public lighting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Through participation in this project each Council has the opportunity to develop an internal policy to help guide Sustainable Public Lighting, including identifying:

  • Key challenges to / opportunities for / and drivers of sustainable public lighting;
  • Internal and external barriers to implementation of sustainable public lighting;
  • Solutions for overcoming these barriers;
  • Areas where better management of public lighting assets/stock is needed; and
  • Inefficiencies in councils’ public lighting provision to their communities.

Importantly, the project will seek to also develop a Regional Sustainable Public Lighting Action Plan, which will be based on the SECCCA Council SPLAP’s and will provide a collective and consistent voice for sustainable public lighting on the SECCCA region.

For a more comprehensive overview and project updates please contact Daniel Pleiter on 9705 5662.

PROJECT: Sustainable Public Lighting Action Plans

START / FINISH: 2006/2007

FUNDER/GRANT: Sustainability Victoria