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Western Port Human Settlements Impacts and Adaptations Project

In this project data regarding likely biophysical changes due to global warming were developed by CSIRO specifically for Western Port councils. This was used to identify where infrastructure for human settlements is at risk. An associated component of the project covered the socioeconomic impacts analysis to show what and who was at and where, and possible adaptation options were identified. The report from this project is available from this website.

This project aims to increase the capacity of local governments to respond to climate change. Impacts such as sea level rise, storm frequency and rainfall levels will be investigated to help councils and their communities anticipate and plan for the future changes that will occur.

Project Overview

Impacts of Climate Change on Human Settlements in the Western Port region: an integrated assessment is a two year project that will focus on the impacts of climate change on the built environment and local adaptation responses to those impacts.

The project is funded by the Australian Greenhouse Office and includes the project partners Western Port Greenhouse Alliance, Department of Sustainability and Environment, Marsden Jacob Associates, CSIRO, Regional Development Company and Broadleaf International.

A briefing paper that provides detailed overview of the project objectives, outputs, scope and stakeholders can be viewed using the link below.

View a video showing how local governments in the Western Port Region are preparing their communities for climate change.

PROJECT: Western Port Human Settlements Impacts and Adaptations Project

START / FINISH: 2006/2008

FUNDER/GRANT: Dept Climate Change and DSE