Residential Efficiency Scorecard

What is the Residential Efficiency Scorecard?

The Scorecard is an Australian-first home energy rating program. The Scorecard will enable you to obtain a star rating for your home, in the same way as a fridge or washing machine has a star rating. The star rating is an assessment of your home’s building shell and a representation of the running cost of the fixed appliances in your home. It will guide you to make home improvements efficiently and cost effectively.

Accredited assessors use the government supported Scorecard webtool to rate the energy efficiency of your home’s construction, fixed appliances and other key features such as solar PV energy production. The two page rating certificate also recommends upgrade options to improve your home’s rating.

The Scorecard also rates your home’s performance during hot weather. This important feature helps you understand and improve the comfort of your home in summer.

Many Victorian homes have high energy bills simply due to the way the home is built. The Scorecard will help householders understand and improve this performance.

Why have an assessment?

The Residential Efficiency Scorecard has been developed by the Victorian Government to help Victorians better understand the energy performance of their homes and to make informed choices about improving the quality of their living environment, while saving money on their gas and electricity bills. Read More…

The Scorecard is an exciting development that will enable Victorians to make more sustainable and cost effective choices for their homes. The Scorecard has been designed to provide;

  • a trusted approach so that householders can be confident in their home’s star rating
  • a technically robust analysis of the complex interactions of a home that influence energy use, so that
    householders can take action
  • a comparable star rating for homes that is easy to share, and can be used to compare before and
    after a home renovation, or between homes
  • concise information on the performance of key elements of the home, potential improvements, and
    rate the performance of the home in very hot conditions.

Householders who wish to have an assessment will be able to engage an accredited assessor to undertake an on-site Scorecard assessment at their home. Scorecard assessors use a purpose-built web app to enter information about the features of the home, including:

  • heaters
  • air conditioners
  • hot water systems
  • construction materials
  • renewable energy sources, such as solar power systems.

At the conclusion of the hour long assessment householders receive a Scorecard certificate, which provides an overview of the energy efficiency of the home. Including:

  • an overall star rating out of 10 that represents the average cost of energy for the home
  • the performance of key features of the home
  • performance of the home in hot conditions
  • recommendations to improve the rating and energy features of the home.

SECCCA has participated in an early release of the program, however this is now completed. We are able to arrange an assessment on a fee for service basis. Please contact SECCCA on 9705 5662 for more information.


Residential Efficiency Scorecard

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