Save it for the Game

Cranbourne Bowling Club

This club is already noticing big savings after installing solar power in May.

Cranbourne Bowls Club operates year round with approximately 170 full and associate members. The club is active Monday and Friday afternoons, with a full day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The weekends are also busy with 10 hours of use every Saturday and 8 hours of use every other Sunday. This may slow down in the winter months if there’s inclement weather, but otherwise remains consistent.

The audit found that by taking action in each of the save areas Cranbourne could save $2,230 – without investing in any upgrades or appliances! If the club were to take on the report’s appliance recommendations a further $1,661 could be saved in each occupation period.

One of the key recommendations for this club was the installation of solar power. Since installing the new system in May 2014 the club is already seeing significant cost reductions in their energy bills.


Dandenong City Soccer Club

This club could save nearly $5,000 just by following the saves.

The Dandenong City Soccer Club operates year round, with approximately 400 playing members and an additional 100 social members. The facility is mainly used in the evenings Monday to Friday and for about 12 hours across the weekend. The clubrooms are also used regularly for functions and events.

The audit found that the highest areas of expenditure for this club were refrigerator and freezer units, kitchen equipment and field flood lighting.

By implementing the actions recommended by the auditors it was estimated that the Dandenong City Soccer Club could save a massive $4,919 each occupation period, without any additional investment. Further savings would be possible with the installation of items such as fridge timers, solar panels and more efficient lights.