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SECCCA Salutes the Energy Saver Study Team

Published April 19, 2016 | By Janet Armstrong


ESS team farewell

 The ESS team at their ‘End of Project’ beach get-together.
Back row (L-R): Carol Nouwens (Cardinia), Thelma Wakelam (Casey), Andrew Cooper (Research and Training Officer), Lianne Paine (Bayside), Brian Sharpley (Project Evaluator), Adam Shalekoff (Project Coordinator)
Front row: Michelle Wright (Morn Pen), Wendy Davis (Bass Coast), Jess Ablett (Baw Baw), Lucy Allinson (Team Leader).

SECCCA’s Energy Saver Study project is approaching its conclusion and the Energy Liaison Officers have now completed their contracts.

This team is a fine example of a collaborative effort from the different councils coordinated by SECCCA. The Energy Liaison Officers supported each other, enhanced their councils individually, and delivered consistent outcomes across the various demands of the project.

They all

  • developed new skills during the project
  • stepped out of their comfort zones
  • achieved all the required deliverables of the project
  • helped other ELOs in other councils
  • increased their council’s capacity

Many have moved on to new and exciting roles and will be an asset in the drive for reduced carbon emissions and improved housing conditions for the vulnerable. Thank you to all the HACC Team Leaders and environment teams for your support of the ELOs throughout this project; it would not have been successful without you.

Lucy Allinson, ELO Team Leader, Energy Saver Study